New to Ibot ? Wish that people stop calling you a newb and flaming you because you simply cannot Use Ibot Lite or Pro on your computer? This the right place to learn!!I will demonstrate how to use Ibot and dowload etc. by showing screen shots and pictures.

You will need to download the fallowing things before you can get ibot to work:

Winrar( to extract rar files to download ibot):

latest java( pictures will also be explained about what java to use etc):

First off, you need to download ibot lite or pro which can be found at :
external image downloadhere.jpg
Extract it on your desktop in a folder called nexus.
If you cannot download it then download Winrar which is at the top of the page.

Once that is done you are now ready to start to learn how to use it.
On the top of the page is the link to the Website to download the latest java. Click on it.
It brings you to the download section , Click scroll into the list and look for the latest java JDK ( java development kit). Click on Download. Next, it will bring you to a page that looks like this :
external image java.jpg
You have succesfully downloaded java.

Now you will need to set up java to work into your system so you can use ibot. To do so, it is actually pretty simple. Just fallow alonge with all those pictures:
external image java2.jpg
If your too lazy to copy what ever is in the path box then this is what you should have if your java was ved in the c drive: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_02\bin

where it says jdk1.6.0_02 you can change it if you got a higher versiion. If you cahnge it, just get what ever version you have of java and put in the numbers: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk(Version here)\bin

Now that youve downloaded all the essentials and did what you gotta do to finally run the damn thing, you need to go to your nexus folder and click install.bat ( install)! Once this is done black cmd screan will pop up, wait for it to finish to load and then close it.

Now i will teach you how to put scripts into ibot to actually get to use them, and then i will teach you how to run ibot in the correct way.